So what makes the Ripper pick up the knife?


So I read online that people commit crimes because they don’t feel empathy for others, or feel that they are better than others, or that they are pressured into it, opportunists, jealous, greedy, passionate, laaaaaazy, you name it, someone’s apparently probably committed a crime because of it.

  Well I’ll tell you, sometimes I don’t feel empathy for people, and heck yeah I’m greedy and lazy- and I’ve been in the kitchen with someone else when I’m very close to a knife- but I’ve never gone all Jack the Ripper on them.  So there must be something about me, and all the other people in the big wide world who haven’t properly committed a crime, that stops us from doing it.  It could be something in those brains of ours.  Or maybe it’s what’s around us instead of inside us.

  … I’ll have a think on it.


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