Who Killed the Twitter Bird? A Look into Psychopaths

So I trolled though Google Scholar for ages trying to find something on lack of empathy, but without the ability to pay for any of the articles, I found it quite difficult to actually get any information.  So instead, I’m going to look into another common thing you’ll come across when researching criminal behaviour- and that thing is… a Psychopath!

Okay, so I typed Psychopath into Google Images and the first picture that appeared was this-


If you know who this is then you’re awesome for watching good movies.  If you don’t recognise this then shame on you and go and watch Silence of the Lambs right now.  Here’s a quote from it-

Oh, he’s a monster.  Pure psychopath.  So rare to capture one alive.  From a research point of view, Lecter is our most prized asset.

Hannibal Lecter (the dude in the picture) is the psychopath being talked about, and he’s probably the most famous fictional psychopath in history.  He’s the number one best villain in Hollywood (AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Heroes & Villians), and like the quote above suggests, he is a perfect example of a psychopath.

But now onto real Psychopaths.  I took an Are you a Psychopath test and scored 17 out of 40.  Here’s the test if you want to try it too-


I think that’s an improvement from two years ago, when I took Eysneck’s Personality Questionnaire in school.  The test measures your personality on three scales.  The E scale (introvert vs extrovert), the N scale (Neuroticism vs Stability) and the P scale (how Psychopathic you are).  I took it, and scored like 90 points in Neuroticism and 10 points in Psychopathic, with no mention of Stability and anything off of the E scale.  If you want to take it, here you go, and I hope you get a more appealing score than me-


So apart from getting that score on the EPQ, what are the other warning signs of future Psychopaths?  I read an article called Are you a Psychopath?  Scientists say it all depends on your TWEETS (Alex Gore, Mail Online), which as the title says, explains that if you frequently tweet words like “kill,” “die” and “bury” then they are warning signs that you could be a psychopath.  Oh and so is swearing too much apparently.  It explains that looking at social media is just as important as looking into personality and emotions, as with social media, people talk about their feelings much more openly than to others.

I do think that there is something in this article, but just because someone swears a lot doesn’t mean they might turn out to be a psychopath.  There are some people who just swear with every second word.  And the way they assess whether someone might have psychopathic tendencies is by using a computer gadget that counts the number of times a certain word is used.  That is extremely flawed because you might be something like a gravedigger (that’s still a job isn’t it?), so like every day you could tweet “Just buried another one.  Off to bed now.  Had enough dead bodies for one day lol.”  I mean, if you didn’t know that he was a gravedigger that could be taken really out of context.  And what if you are studying Psychopaths, so these words come up a lot in what you are writing?  I mean, what if you are a young psychology student who is looking into Psychopaths and yes, may use these words a lot but isn’t one no matter what some stupid test says.

I think that they should rethink what they have found, and maybe look into ways to improve it.  Because I don’t think any self-respecting psychopath with intelligence would go out to hurt someone then tweet about it afterwards.


Although if this was the twitter bird, I totally would.


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