What do you get when a Psychopath, Narcissistic and a Machiavellinisivi- I CAN’T SPELL IT!!!- walk into a bar?



Yeah I hope you haven’t kept reading to get the answer to that joke, cause I don’t know what it is.  If anyone does have the answer then feel free to tell me!

I looked up an experiment (Nicolas Holtzman and Michael Strube) involving psychopaths today which stated that they and the other two personality traits of the Dark Triad (narcissism and Machiavellianism) are better at making themselves look physically beautiful, hot, sexy etc etc, than people without the traits.  I like this study- I suck at making myself look pretty so maybe those Psychopath tests were wrong!

There were 111 participants (they missed a really good opportunity here, they should have made it 666 participants), 64% of which were women.  They got a picture taken of themselves in what they normally wear in terms of makeup, clothes, and hair.  Then they all had to dress the same, in a plain t-shirt, and have no makeup on, and hair tied back or un-styled.  Then they all got their picture taken again.

They also took test like I did, but theirs was a personality test that looked into all aspects of personality, including the traits in the Dark Triad.  The experimenters also got information from their peers about their personalities, so both test and peer results were combined.

Then a second group was to rate the pictures on levels of attractiveness and it was found that in the first set of photos, where they were dressed in their normal clothes, participants who were highly scored as attractive also scored highly on the Dark Triad traits, or just Psychopathic traits.

But in the plain photos with everyone dressed down, there wasn’t any relationship between how attractive people were rated and the scores they got on the tests.

So it seems from this that Psychopaths can make themselves more beautiful, but I was already thinking that before I read about the experiment.  One trait of a psychopath is their huge ego.  They tend to think that they are better than everyone else around them (maybe one of the reasons the ones who kill do so, because if they are more important then why not?), and also can usually charm people into doing things they don’t want to do, or just look and act more charming than other people might.  Both the big ego and charm are the reasons I thought that psychopaths might be more successful with their looks, because they feel they deserve it and know how to look as nice as possible.

I wonder what would happen if a Psychopath was blind or something, so couldn’t see themselves.  Would they be able to find a way to make themselves physically attractive?  A genuine part of me says that they probably would.



I saw this picture when looking up the Dark Triad by the way and had a fangirl moment.  They are three triplet gym leaders from Pokémon and there is a speculation going about that they could be another trio, who go by the name of the Dark Triad.  The one in middle is Cilan and I love him to bits, so he can be the Psychopath.  Chili, the one with red hair can be Machiavellianism because that big word is similar to a demon’s last name in a fictional series I like, and demons come from hell (red-> fire-> hell).  Then Cress (blue dude) can be narcissism because it reminds me of a girl’s name, and Cress has long hair (look at me I’m gender stereotyping!)

 So, people I give you the true Dark Triad!

(Okay, so I lied, they are actually called the Shadow Triad but whatever.)


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